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The Gift Of A Good Night's Sleep

Updated: May 7, 2023

Philosophy View of Sleep

A condition of body and mind that typically recurs for several hours every night, in which the eyes are closed, the postural muscles relaxed, the brain’s activity altered, and consciousness of the surroundings practically suspended.

Biblical View of Sleep

The concept of “sleep” is used in many ways in the Bible. The word “sleep” is used literally as the state of the body in normal, unconscious repose. On one occasion, when Jesus and his disciples crossed the Sea of Galilee, the Lord was sleeping on a cushion in the stern of the boat.

And he was in the hinder part of the ship, asleep on a pillow: and they awake him, and say unto him, Master, carest thou not that we perish?

Mark 4:38 KJV

It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep.

Psalm 127:2KJV

It is interesting that there are several Scriptures in the Bible that refer to different levels of Sleep and are referred to within multiple contexts throughout the scripture stories and teachings. For one, as the obvious time of rest during the night as we recover our energy to take on the next day. In this context, the Bible mentions trusting in God as an assurance of such peaceful resting. According to Acts 20:9, Eutychus, in a late-night church service, was borne down with “deep sleep” and fell from an upstairs window to the ground and was taken up dead.

And there sat in a window a certain young man named Eutychus, being fallen into a deep sleep: and as Paul was long preaching, he sunk down with sleep, and fell down from the third loft, and was taken up dead.

Acts 20:9 KJV

We take the gift of peaceful sleep too lightly. We forget to be grateful for such slumber until we cannot sleep. There are many causes for not being able to sleep. Perhaps you are experiencing the pressure of leadership like King Xerxes experienced.

On that night, the king could not sleep, and he commanded them to bring the book of records of the chronicles, and they were read before the king.

Esther 6:1 KJV

Worries cause you to lie awake. The King’s solution was to read a book, but he did have a good idea, Of course, he wasn't a believer, so he did not read the best book, but he did a good idea.

Caring for wealth can cause insomnia—the teacher in Ecclesiastes 5:12 tells us. The rich are always worrying and seldom get a good night's sleep. We can lose sleep thinking about how to get money, and then once we have it, we can lose sleep worrying about how to keep it.

The sleep of a labouring man is sweet, whether he eats little or much: but the abundance of the rich will not suffer him to sleep.

Ecclesiastes 5:12KJV

Sickness can keep us from sleeping Job 7:4-5. Job said when I go to bed, I think, when will it be morning, but the night drags on, and I toss till dawn. His was broken, and his flesh clothed with worms and dust.

When I lie down, I say, when shall I arise, and the night is gone? and I am full of tossing to and fro unto the dawning of the day.

My flesh is clothed with worms and clods of dust; my skin is broken, and become loathsome.

Job 7:4-5 KJV

Old age can cause sleeplessness. The teacher, painting a graphic picture of old age, says, when your teeth are gone, keep your lips tightly close when you eat; even the chirping of birds will wake you up. But you yourself will be deaf and tuneless with a quivering voice.

And the doors shall be shut in the streets when the sound of the grinding is low, and he shall rise up at the voice of the bird, and all the daughters of musick shall be brought low.

Ecclesiastes 12:4 KJV

Grief and sorrow can stop us from sleeping. Danielle 6:17:21 tells us that after King Nebuchadnezzar was forced to throw Daniel into the lion’s den, he could not sleep until he found out what had happened to him. Scripture did not mention that Daniel had a rough night, but I imagine Daniel had a tough time sleeping that night, too, knowing he would be eaten by lions.

And a stone was brought and laid upon the mouth of the den, and the king sealed it with his own signet, and with the signet of his lords; that the purpose might not be changed concerning Daniel.

Then the king went to his palace and passed the night fasting: neither were instruments of musick brought before him: and his sleep went from him.

Then the king arose very early in the morning and went in haste unto the lions’ den.

And when he came to the den, he cried with a lamentable voice unto Daniel: and the king spake and said to Daniel, O Daniel, servant of the living God, is thy God, whom thou servest continually, able to deliver thee from the lions?

Then said Daniel unto the king, O king, live for ever.

Daniel 6:17-21 KJV

But there are ways to deal with our sleepless nights. If pressure is keeping you awake, you could reach for the Good Book, which is the Bible. A right attitude towards wealth leads to contentment that, in turn, leads to slumber. If the rigors of sickness and old age or the pain of grief and sorrow forbid the blessings of sleep, we can use the night watches to pray and praise our Heavenly Father.

Sometimes it is a song in the night that comes to us as we lie awake. Then you can say with the psalmist, I will lie down and sleep. For you alone, O Lord, will keep me safe and for this, may Jesus Christ be praised.

I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety.

Psalm 4:8 KJV


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