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Temptation can be defined as the desire to do something wrong or unwise. Also another way of interpreting it is, a desire to engage in short-term pleasure that will impact a long-term goal. Why are we usually tempted?

It is when we are drawn away with our lusts and is enticed. James 1:14

No one should say when we are tempted that we are tempted of God because He doesn’t tempt anyone in fact. James 1:13

1st Corinthians tells us that He doesn’t allow us to be tempted more than we are able, but provides a way of escape that we may be able to bear it. One may ask the question can we overcome temptation? Yes! In the strength of the Lord.

Scriptures on temptation: Genesis 39:9 Philippians 3:8 Matthew 5:6

Few reasons to avoid temptation: 1. Think of negative outcome if you got caught. 2. How will it affect your relationship with Christ as believers. 3. The goal of temptation is to make you fall. Remember falling into temptation is not unforgivable, we need to recognize where we went wrong and ask for forgiveness and the Lord will restore us. Jesus Himself was test by the devil but He resisted. My word of encouragement is when we find ourselves in that position call upon the name of the Lord He is our weapon, He will give you the courage to overcome and endure.

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