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Morning Prayer

What a friend we have in Jesus all our sins and grieve to bear.

I thank You Father that we don’t need a lamb for sacrifice to cleanse our sins You have redeemed us through Your precious blood.

Thank You, Father, for Your goodness and grace, and I pray that You would look down on the entire race of humanity with compassion and mercy, for there are many who have been led astray by the wiles of the evil of the enemy, and others who have become dull of hearing or arrogant in their foolish hatred of all things about You.

Your word said in Psalm 37:3 We should Delight thyself also in the LORD, and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

Your plans and purposes for the redemption of man and unity the body of Christ and to bond peace and finish the good work You have started in all who have trusted You for their Salvation.

Father God, I know You are perfect in all Your ways and have established the times and seasons for the benefit of Your people and the glory of Your name.

Help us to keep our feet walking along the path of peace and help us to train the eyes of our hearts to look to Jesus – our Prince of Peace, the Joy of the whole world, and the Author and Finisher of our faith.

Yahweh you have reminded us that whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him. Colossians 3:17

Abba Father, You have filled the world with beauty and good things and we rejoice to behold the wonderful work of Your hand.

Keep us ever thankful for Your generous provision and mindful of the great sacrifice that You offered, when You gave Jesus to be the sacrifice for the sin of the world.

Thank You that we are a new creation in Christ and that You are our Lord and Saviour, by grace through faith in You Lord Jesus. We look forward with expectation and anticipation of Your return for the Church and I pray that we all would be ready to meet You – Our Lord and Saviour.

Thank You that we have peace with You through faith in Christ and I pray that we may grow in grace and walk in spirit and truth so that the peace of Christ would govern and guard our hearts

Protect Your people and keep us safe, we pray, in the increasingly distressing times in which we live and bring us all into Your wonderful presence and use us for Your greater glory in Jesus’ name.

Read and be blessed

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