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Morning Prayer

Heavenly Father

I thank You for this beautiful day You have made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. I thank You Father that I was able to sleep last night and wake up this morning in my right mind

Psalms 4:8 declares that we will lie to sleep, and we will wake again because You sustains us.

Lord I understand that I have not woken up by my alarm clock, not by my own power nor by might, but it is Your Grace that I’ve been given another day. I thank You for your constant guidance and protection over my life.

Please guide me down the path that’s true.

I thank you for a soul unique and I thank you for another day.

To commit myself to You and that the Holy Spirit guide my thoughts, words and deeds.

Father May I be filled with the fruits of the spirit as I interact with people today and that everything I do today be done in love.

But before we do I hope you know we love and appreciate You; we are thankful for our blessing too.

And God, my friend, we love you.

Let all that you do be done with love. 1st Corinthians16:14

Yahweh, I give You thanks for all the blessings You’ve bestowed upon me today. Help me to with stand our troublesome day but Igot through it because You provided the strength, wisdom, peace, and safety to empower me. In the mighty name of Jesus


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