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10 Things to Remember

Here are some powerful scriptures that will give you assurance in God.

  1. I will give you rest. — Matthew 11:28KJV

  2. I will strengthen you. -–Isaiah 41:10KJV

  3. I will answer you. –Jeremiah 33:3KJV

  4. I believe in you.—Mark 9:23KJV

  5. I will bless you. – Genesis 22:17KJV

  6. I am for you. – Joshua 1:19KJV

  7. I will not fail you. –Deuteronomy 31:6KJV

  8. I will provide for you. – Psalms 37:4KJV

  9. I will be with you. – Hebrews 13:5KJV

  10. I love you. – John 15:12KJV

The bible provides us with comfort for every circumstance that we may face. Reading and living by His word, fasting and prayer are the four main attributes a Christian soldier needs to pull down the strongholds.

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